Doreen offers clients one of the most dynamic and unique growth exercises in the world: Adventure Based Learning.

For teams who are “stuck,” boards or leaders who need to find alignment, executives who must turn company performance up a notch, and for high performing organizations who want to maintain their edge, Doreen’s Adventure-Based Learning sessions are the experiential learning experiences you need to start a fire.

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The gift of igniting people to courageously find and live their best life has been entrusted to me. That purpose never gets old. It fires me up every day.


Adventure-based Learning™ and Experiential-Based Learning®

    Adventure-based learning sessions with Doreen will give you the curriculum, coaching, and courage you need for a life-changing experience that uniquely pairs learning with adventure. As any successful leader will tell you, textbooks, advance degrees, and formal training will only get you so far. Doreen believes that the truly transformative ingredients of leadership and success are developed during life experiences rooted in risk-taking, discovery, reflection, and adventure.
    Through Prepare to Roar’s adventure-based learning® programs, led by Doreen, you will leave your daily environment behind, and immerse yourself into exclusive, handpicked settings, to eliminate the “white noise” that distracts and blocks you from discovering, rediscovering, processing, and planning.