Doreen guides individuals or groups across many formats and settings. From one-on-one coaching to team training, or executive leadership consultations, sound boarding sessions with Doreen Linneman serves clients from start ups to world-class executive teams. To get more out of your career, your team and your life, connect with Doreen today to book a fully-tailored session designed to meet your personal and professional needs.

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Consulting through listening and sound boarding provides a powerful opportunity for me to pour into others. I draw upon years of experiences with individuals, teams, and organizations across an array of industries, cultures, and verticals to share perspectives, thinking, and best practices.

I’ve seen things that work and things that don’t. I’ve been at the table with leaders, and in the mud with followers. It is incredibly exciting to connect a lesson from one experience with someone who needs it somewhere halfway around the globe, and see that teaching literally ignite ideas in others and transform individuals, teams and organizations.”


Sounding Board Sessions

    Doreen’s expertise is in igniting positive change. Whether helping define the path forward on strategic business decisions or providing insights for team or leadership issues, empowering teams to face the root of an individual or group roadblocks, or finding clarity on your next career move, Doreen Linneman can support your executive needs.

Gap Analysis or Needs Assessments for Teams

    Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Doreen Linneman can draw on a career and life filled with extraordinary experiences to help you identity gaps and needs within your corporate or team structure. Often, with outside perspective, some of the most complex executive challenges can be solved with simple tools to bolster communication, clarify vision or reignite passion.
    In her role as CEO for The Riverbend Group, Doreen has access to the entire Riverbend portfolio of solutions and talent. Whether consulting, training, or teambuilding for a small- or large-scale projects (such as sales meetings, product launches, or on-going management development programs), Riverbend and Doreen are here to help.

Worth Stating

  • Delivered consulting projects for organizations in 16 countries
  • Led more than 350 client engagements over 15 years
  • Worked with healthcare, sports, entertainment, real estate, law, construction, technology, and non-profit organizations
  • Worked with teams and individuals in and across sales, marketing, operations, finance, R&D, HR, Boards, C-suite, and strategy functions