Doreen delivers dozens of popular and engaging keynotes around the world each year on leadership, finding purpose within yourself and your organization, and what it takes to achieve peak performance as a person and a professional.

In her consulting career, Doreen has led more than 150 partners in over 10 different markets to actionable, organization-changing results, working with leading companies like IMG Sports, Kimberly-Clark,  Siemens, McKesson, Johnson & Johnson, CARE International, The Malaria Consortium,  BDO, Fresenius,  Bausch & Lomb and more.

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Some people just have a light about them – with Doreen you can see it coming.

Jim CraigGoalie and Gold Medalist, 1980 TEAM USA Ice Hockey

There is a fire inside of you, strong enough to power an entire lifetime of goals and achievements and effort. But to access that incredible power, you have to understand what motivates you, how you think about your place in the world, and what it takes to light your own match.

Doreen LinnemanKeynote Speaker, Influencer

Doreen is incredibly engaging. As a speaker, she can make a large room feel small.

Dean TrevelinoFounder, Trevelino/Keller Communications Group

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  • Learn more about her trips, experiences, lessons learned, and executive morning routine by booking her as a keynote speaker. One of her most requested keynote topics is on finding your why and your purpose – “Potential: Unleash It!” Get in touch at to find out more about topics and availability.
  • Looking for a more personal way to connect with Doreen? Learn first hand how Doreen finds inspiration and direction by going on a Prepare to Roar expedition. These hand crafted trips are based on her many years of adventure travel with the purpose of personal and professional growth, stretching her own boundaries and testing her courage. There’s no better way to be influenced by Doreen than on a Prepare to Roar trip.

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