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The world’s greatest athletes know how to put themselves in and stay in their Ideal Performance State® (IPS) — so they can perform at the highest level no matter their competitive or high-pressure situation.  IPS is not only for elite athletes,  but for you, your teams, your organization, or even your family!

Doreen is certified in the HPI Mental Toughness program.  The deeply introspective content is focused on creating and building-up a “great competitor!”

Deliverables are highly customizable: 

  • Live multi-day or series of workshops
  • Virtual programming
  • Prepare to Roar also offers Mental Toughness as part of an adventure-based learning® expedition.

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Leadership Presence: The 5 Senses Model®

Smell, taste, sight, hearing, and touch are our five powerful senses, and they serve as the foundation to our ability to
have that “it factor” that we many times admire in great leaders.  

When observing those leaders, we can never quite put our finger on “it,” but “it” is there. In Doreen’s proprietary Leadership Presence: The 5 Senses Model®, we learn how to leverage each of our senses to gain the “it factor” to level-up on their leadership development journey.

Deliverables are highly customizable:

  • Live workshop
  • Virtual programming
  • Prepare to Roar also offers Leadership Presence: The 5 Senses Model® as part of an adventure-based learning® expedition for teams or groups of leaders

program 3

Channeling Courage: The FEAR Model®

It is time to face the fear that is holding you or your team back!

Learn to differentiate and appreciate the differences between fear, risk and worry, as well as their place in the courage process   We unpack Doreen’s proprietary The FEAR Model® to move you or your team towards goal achievement that has been elusive for far too long.

Deliverables are highly customizable: 

  • Live workshop
  • Virtual programming
  • Prepare to Roar also offers “Going For It” as one of its adventure-based learning® expeditions in an open enrollment or group experience.

program 4

Annual Performance Like a Triathlete™

“Ironman …it exists for those who deny the word can’t.”

Ironman Triathlon is a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike, and a 26.2-mile run. Whether training and competing in an Ironman, 70.3, Olympic, or Sprint Triathlon, the scalable preparation remains the same. Every year triathletes sit down with their coaches and plan for the season ahead. The athletes carefully choose their one or two “A” races and everything else builds around that.  “Everything else” includes training schedules, discipline, practice, nutrition strategies, “C” and “B” races, taper, and of course, the much needed off-season. Doreen, a 3-time Ironman and 11-year triathlon competitor, guides you through managing and achieving your annual performance goals just like a triathlete manages theirs.

In this unique and highly interactive program, you will learn how analogies to triathlon training will aid you in having your best year, year-after-year in your career.  Triathlon terms and skills such as transitions, taper, and pre-race routine are applied to your business world. In addition, traditional business terminology including focus, problem solving, planning, and execution, come alive in an entirely new light and energize your approach to managing your annual performance. 

You will “race” out of the session with a focused and prioritized year-ahead plan, preparation check-lists, contingency planning, and renewed excitement about your yearly goals and achievement of those goals.

Deliverables are highly customizable: 

  • Live workshop
  • Virtual programming
  • Teambuilding experiences on-site at or for select races


Doreen channels her authentic self and purposeful desire to help people find and live their best life through her soundboarding services.   

A soundboard gives you the freedom, time, and space to talk openly about your challenges and opportunities.  Doreen is not afraid to ask you the tough questions, hold you accountable, and push you in just the right places with just the right style, all facilitating insightful discussion, exploration, and go-forward strategies and next steps.