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Doreen has learned a crucial truth and she wants to teach it to your organization:

People and organizations don’t have execution problems – they have “purpose” problems. Doreen can show that if our “whys” are big enough, new frontiers appear and old limitations disappear. Losses become wins. Things that felt impossible suddenly come within reach.

Doreen Linneman trains leaders and teams to wake up every morning, grateful for another new day, and with it the chance to pour into something bigger than ourselves. She transfers her energy, experience, expertise, and empathy into those she meets. She leaves it all on the floor.

There are three ways to work with Doreen: As a “Firestarter” in global expedition training. As a “Guide,” leading your teams in hands-on training. And as an “Influencer,” sharing with large groups the life-changing message of what it takes to make dreams come true.

How will Doreen ignite your fire?

“I am passionately dedicated to igniting the fires that power peoples best lives.” -d


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Sound-boarding sessions with Doreen offer private and safe space to work though current business or career obstacles and opportunities.

Flammable Warning*:  Be honest, humble, open, real, passionate, and committed to next steps.


Doreen ignites teams to perform better than ever through hands-on experiences in unforgettable settings around the globe.

Flammable Warning*:  Dig into root causes. Have authentic, tough conversations. Leave changed forever.


Doreen is a gifted communicator, a contagious energy, and an inspirational keynote speaker with teachings that resonate across a diverse audience.

Flammable Warning*:  Forthright, direct, real conversation. Thought-provoking and soul-searching content. Exposure to elements will leave you changed. 

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For Additional Services and Solutions see: Prepare to Roar and The Riverbend Group.

Chief Executive Officer

As the founder and CEO of The Riverbend Group®, LLC, a people and organizational development company focused on management consulting, professional development and team building, Doreen has more than 16 years of experience in helping individuals and teams set and reach new goals, ignite change, scale success, deliver impact, and grow. Doreen and her team have worked all over the globe with Fortune 50, mid-sized, and start up companies. She is deeply passionate about Riverbend's Experience-based learning programs and Riverbend Returns, their pro-bono training commitment.

In addition to Prepare to Roar®, LLC and The Riverbend Group®, LLC, Doreen founded three other companies in mobile technology and leadership. She previously held leadership positions in Johnson & Johnson and SYNAVANT.


As the founder and CEO of Prepare to Roar®, Doreen has assembled her experiences as a courageous world traveler and a deeply experienced business leader to hand craft expeditions that help individuals, teams, and groups realize their potential in every aspect of that word. Through the powerful combination of Doreen’s rich business acumen, travel, a tailored curriculum, expert coaching, and the time and space—figuratively and literally—for reflection, Prepare to Roar provides direction - personally or professionally - through curated, adventure-based learning experiences.

Goal Setter

The fact that Doreen is an extroverted-introvert might come as a surprise to many, but not to those who know her well. When the switch is “on,” Doreen is inspiration, energy, and Energizer bunny. When the switch is “off,” she is introspective, reflective, and recharging. The root of her fortitude and passion, comes from her highly guarded disciplines that are at the core of her introversion. She is adamant about blocking and protecting time on her calendar daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly for breathing room, white space retreats, goal setting, journaling (both reflective and forward visualization), and disappearing. Her “Rhythm Registers” routine, inspired by The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, is a discipline key to her success and ongoing progress. She knows that putting on her oxygen mask first equips and recharges her to then be able to pour into others for hours, days, weeks, and every so often months, on end.


An athlete from day one, Doreen continues to make fitness a priority. In addition to being a three-time Ironman triathlete, USPTR certified tennis professional, former basketball and softball competitor, and avid outdoorswoman, Doreen is well versed in PT and strength training. After three hip surgeries, she added new cross-training endeavors to her week, including walking, horseback riding, yoga, 20-minute planks, and foam rolling techniques. She lives by the motto “sweat every day” and always fits exercise into her routine, even if it’s just a high intensity 10-minute walk around the block or ab circuit. Some of her favorite relationships started on the court or course – she believes that “people who sweat together, stay together.”


While Doreen enjoys her diverse and large group of family, friends, colleagues and network, she prefers and protects a few deep relationships. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that she works with extra intention on those relationships. She purposefully seeks out one-on-one time with each member of her tribe. Gatherings often have a creative excursion, game, or theme, ultimately creating etched memories for a lifetime. Other people’s accomplishments are transformed into celebrations. Ordinary moments might have a simple surprise that turn them into extraordinary moments. With all of this said, the next thing you know, Doreen is sitting down with a total stranger having an amazing conversation and shining her light.


Doreen prefers experiences over things. Sometimes is it learning something new like the drums or Krav Maga. Sometimes it is epic travel to explore the bush, jungle, sand or cobblestone streets. Such as paragliding off a mountain in Venezuela, living with and taking care of lion cubs in South Africa, climbing an ice-covered volcano in Chile, rappelling a cliff and scaling underground waterfalls in the caves of Belize, trekking Silverback Gorillas in the mists of Rwanda, zip-lining and rafting her way across Costa Rica, boating on the Panama Canal, being face to face with Great White Sharks off the coast of Africa, and has completing sugar-cookie surf torture and log evolutions led by mighty and inspiring Navy SEALs.

Pushing her own boundaries results in explosive as well as subtle growth in her professional and personal lives. A win every time.

About Doreen


Doreen inspires people to courageously find and live their best life. As founder of The Riverbend Group, LLC®, Doreen has applied proprietary action-based learning® methodologies across industries and functions, including specialties in healthcare, sports, and technology. In 2012, Doreen created Prepare To Roar®, an adventure-based learning® company, taking leadership and professional development out of the “boardroom” and into nature, to exotic locations like Africa and Belize.

Beyond leading Riverbend, Doreen has co-founded three other companies, including infotainment brand iShake, LLC, 12th Night Mobile and Leadership Game Changer in partnership with IMG. Doreen has held leadership positions in consulting, marketing, sales, and operations at Johnson & Johnson, SmithKline Beecham, and SYNAVANT. She holds an MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School and a BA from Vanderbilt University.

Doreen is an accomplishment machine. An alumnus of Atlanta’s “40 Under 40,” and international keynote speaker, Doreen is also a 3-time Ironman Triathlete and a lifelong adventurer.

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