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Are you looking for a speaker to ignite your audience? Doreen has delivered keynotes around the world that help people envision their potential and reimagine their mindset.



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Doreen is incredibly engaging. As a speaker, she can make a large room feel small.

Dean TrevelinoFounder, Trevelino/Keller Communications Group

Some people just have a light about them – with Doreen you can see it coming.

Jim CraigGoalie and Gold Medalist, 1980 TEAM USA Ice Hockey

Understanding and living from our 'why' is the foundation of our success.

 Organizations often believe they have an execution problem when they actually have a purpose problem. Without understanding purpose, people often feel stuck and lose focus.
When the why is big enough, old limitations disappear, and new opportunities will emerge. Healthy, thriving individuals and organizations cannot pass over this critical step.
In 18-years of leading The Riverbend Group and working with everyone from Fortune 50 companies to local nonprofits, I’ve found that my unique purpose is to help other people find their ‘why’. If that’s you or your team, I’m here to help.