It takes a fire-starter

to Ignite a Trailblazer

Doreen linneman keynote speaker

Find Your Ignition

Do you feel like you are stuck in the slow lane, going nowhere fast, yet running out of gas?  Doreen has spent two decades helping people who can’t find the off ramp to unleash their potential and find purpose, fulfillment, and transformational change. Her keynotes are based on her extraordinary life— as a competitor, entrepreneur, adventurer, stepping out of her own comfort zone, training with navy seals, scaling underground waterfalls in Central America, and trekking with gorillas in the mists of Rwanda. Doreen faced obstacles, maneuvered around bumps in the road and created the life of her dreams— step by step, brick by brick. Her purpose on this planet is to fire up other people to step into purpose and live a light in alignment with their true calling.  Doreen firmly believes that absolutely anyone has the power to achieve their own purpose with prowess. All they need is a spark.

Ready to feel the burn?


Welcome to the hearth of truth.

The choices you make and how you respond to everyday circumstances determines the life you live.  It’s okay to acknowledge you can’t get where you want to go without a guide.  Don’t let that discourage you.  Instead, take a leap of faith.  Doreen can get you where you hope to go.



Listen to Doreen talk about “What’s Your Why,” or “Removing Your Limits.” And send us your contact info for future podcasts featuring Doreen. 


Ready to ignite?

Whether your own heart is calling for transformation, change, and growth or you know your team, organization, or fellow leaders need their sparks reignited — Doreen is here to be that spark to set the stage ablaze.

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