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Doreen has spent two decades helping people find and live their best life.  Her keynotes leverage both her extraordinary life – as a competitor, entrepreneur, adventurer, as well as her relatable life – as a leader, worker, and family member. Doreen has faced obstacles, maneuvered around them, chosen the road less travelled.  Today, she is living her best life (and knows you can too).  She is inspirational, yet approachable, the perfect blend of extraordinary and extraordinarily ordinary, that helps audiences of all kinds relate and be captivated. 

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The choices you make and how you respond to everyday circumstances determines the life you live.  It’s okay to acknowledge you can’t get where you want to go without a guide.  Don’t let that discourage you.  Instead, let it inspire you to get help.  Doreen is here to do just that!  Doreen can get you where you hope to go.

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Listen to Doreen talk about “What’s Your Why,” or “Removing Your Limits.” And send us your contact info for future podcasts featuring Doreen. 


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