Doreen Linneman


Find What Speaks To You.

Culture Empowering Programs and Series




Program 1

Mental Toughness

The world’s greatest athletes know how to put themselves in their Ideal Performance State [IPS]

Program 2

Channeling Courage

Program 3

Annual Performance

Program 4

Leadership Presence

Program 5

Servant Leadership


Doreen channels her authentic self and purposeful desire to help people find and live their best life through her soundboarding services. 

A soundboard gives you the freedom, time, and space to talk openly about your challenges and opportunities.  Doreen is not afraid to ask you the tough questions, hold you accountable, and push you in just the right places with just the right style, all facilitating insightful discussion, exploration, and go-forward strategies and next steps.

Series 1

The Riverbend Group

Grow Your Grit  |  Wrangling The Grizzly Bear  | Celebrate Resistance

Series 2


Series 3


Series 4

Prepare To Roar