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Expeditions Designed for Epic Acceleration

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Prepare to Roar® Expeditions take place across the globe to get you out of your daily inertia and straight into the zone of transformation. Awe-inspiring locations are paired with incredible adventure-based learning® programming to maximize your professional or personal growth.

Each Expedition is hand curated to help groups and people, just like you – those in need of change, looking to level-up, feeling lost, going through the motions, or feeling a sense of urgency.

Join Doreen in life-changing locations like the plains of Africa or in the jungles of Belize— and discover what is holding you back.

Doreen Linneman

Meet Your Guide

Seize Your Best Life.

Along the way, Doreen has accumulated a life of diverse, adventure-rich experiences to be able to serve more than her own passions.  In addition to being a three-time Ironman Triathlete and a professional tennis instructor, Doreen is an adventure-holic and frequent flier with her passport in her back pocket.  She has paraglided off the mountains of Venezuela, climbed an ice-covered volcano in Chile, scaled underground waterfalls in the caves of Belize, trekked with silverback gorillas in the mists of Rwanda, zip-lined and rafted her way across Costa Rica, boated on the Panama Canal, climbed Mt. Sinai, explored the underground tombs in Egypt, and came nose-to-nose with great white sharks off the coast of Africa.  She has trained with the US Navy Seals and her unique resume of experience lends itself to amazing opportunities like being one of a small community to ice climb on Alaska’s upper Mendenhall Glacier.

Outcomes You Can Achieve


  • Discovering your “why” or purpose
  •  Forming or forging more productive & meaningful relationships
  • Igniting change
  • Overcoming a challenge
  • Growing exponentially
  • Establishing a more meaningful personal or family life 
  • Grounding and purposefully planning your legacy


  • Embracing and preparing for a current or upcoming change
  • Elevating or accelerating your or team’s success
  • Discovering innovations and inspiration
  • Facing and overcoming challenges head-on
  • Building a stronger culture or relationships
  • Establishing a more impactful leadership presence
  • Planning and preparing for your leadership legacy

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