Doreen Linneman


The Doreen Linneman Keynote or Virtual Lesson Series

Take Your Organization on a Journey

Sept 29 – Oct 1 CANCUN, MEXICO (6)



Ignite Potential

Finding Purpose & Awakening the Light Side

Ignite Courage

Facing Fear, Celebrating Failure, & Claiming Victory

Ignite Balance

Myth & Reframing Your Mindset

Ignite The “It” Factor

Leveling Up Your Leadership Presence

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The Riverbend Group

Grow Your Grit

Thriving Through Hard Seasons

Wrangling the Grizzly

Leading with EQ in Times of Stress

Celebrating Resistance

Moving One Step Closer to Change Commitment



What Triathlons Can Teach Us

Own Your Performance

What Tennis Can Teach Us

Develop Your Mental Toughness

What Basketball Can Teach Us

Build A Championship Team


Prepare to Roar

Prepare to Roar® is a courageous, life-altering, adventure-based learning® experience realized through purposeful, intimate, international expeditions that provide insights, coaching, reflection, and action planning for success.

Crossing The Mara

Fear, Risk, and Courage

Just By A Ticket


Lessons From The Big Cats

Goal ID and Capture