Doreen Linneman


The Doreen Linneman Keynote Series

Edge Of Your Seat Experiences

Sept 29 – Oct 1 CANCUN, MEXICO (6)

Series 1


Ignite Potential

Finding Purpose & Awakening the Light Side

Ignite Courage

Facing Fear, celebrating failure, & claiming victory

Ignite Balance

Myth & Reframing Your Mindset

Ignite The “It” Factor

Leveling Up Your Leadership Presence

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Series 2

The Riverbend Group

Grow Your Grit

Thriving Through Hard Seasons

Wrangling the Grizzly

Leading with EQ in Times of Stress

Celebrating Resistance

Moving One Step Closer to Change Commitment

Series 3


What Triathlons Can Teach Us

Own Your Performance

What Tennis Can Teach Us

Develop Your Mental Toughness

What Basketball Can Teach Us

Build A Championship Team

Series 4

Prepare to Roar

Prepare to Roar® is a courageous, life-altering, adventure-based learning® experience realized through purposeful, intimate, international expeditions that provide insights, coaching, reflection, and action planning for success.

Crossing The Mara

Fear, Risk, and Courage

Just By A Ticket


Lessons From The Big Cats

Goal ID and Capture