Doreen Linneman


Doreen Linneman

The Quick Rundown

While leading Riverbend, Doreen co-founded three other companies. She was the co-founder and CEO of iShake, LLC, an info-tainment company that developed software applications for the iPhone and the web. Both 12th Night Mobile, a mobile consulting firm and Leadership Game Changer, in partnership with IMG round out her start-up portfolio.

Pre-entrepreneur life, Doreen held leadership positions in consulting, marketing, sales, and operations at such companies as Johnson & Johnson, SmithKline Beecham, and SYNAVANT.

Doreen holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School and a Bachelor of Arts with pre-Med and Chemistry concentrations from Vanderbilt University. She is a Master Trainer in LIFO Behavior and Communication Styles, a certified Mental Toughness facilitator and trainer, and has completed the Navy SEALFIT Leadership Academy. She is an alumnus of Atlanta’s “40 Under 40” and is an international keynote speaker at sales meetings, product launches, universities, and conferences.

My Mission

This is what i'm all about - D

In addition to being a 3-time Ironman Triathlete and certified professional tennis instructor, Doreen is an adventure-holic and has a serious case of wanderlust. Doreen has paraglided off a mountain in Venezuela, lived with and taken care of lion cubs in South Africa, climbed an ice-covered volcano in Chile, rappelled a cliff and scaled underground waterfalls in the caves of Belize, trekked silverback gorillas in the mists of Rwanda, zip-lined and rafted her way across Costa Rica, boated on the Panama Canal, came face to face with great white sharks off the coast of Africa, has completed sugar-cookie surf torture and log evolutions led by the US Navy SEALs, and was 1 of less that 350 people in 2019 to ice climb on Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier.

When not circling the globe, Doreen remains dedicated to fitness and sports and is an active member at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church. She rounds out her life with being a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, mentor, and servant.

The History

Hi—I’m Doreen Linneman,

I believe that you were created for a purpose. You have a unique set of talents, passions, and life experiences that are yours alone. It is my life’s work to help people just like you discover and live their life’s purpose.

I’m honored to help you on your journey.     

My Background

Doreen is the founder and CEO of three companies—The Riverbend Group, Prepare To Roar and Doreen Linneman LLC,

The Riverbend Group is an international people and organizational development company focused on management consulting, professional development, and teambuilding. Since 2002, Riverbend has applied their proprietary action-based learning® methodology across industries and functions, including specialties in healthcare, sports, and technology. In 2012, Doreen opened Riverbend’s first International branch office, located in Johannesburg serving clients in South Africa and East Africa. Riverbend’s European and Asia-Pacific clients are served out of both the USA and the South Africa offices.

Also in 2012, Doreen founded Prepare To Roar®, an adventure-based learning® company. Prepare to Roar takes leadership and professional development out of the “boardroom” and into exotic locations including Africa and Belize.

Doreen has spent two decades helping people to get out of vicious cycles and to unleash their potential and find purpose, fulfillment, and transformational change.