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Disrupting Life's Inertia to unleash Your Teams' Purpose and Possibilities


d-Brand’s Founder and Principal Executive Doreen Linneman is not just a motivator.  She is a mentor, coach, collaborator, and trailblazer who literally blazes all over the world. She walks her talk. Through her global work and leadership keynotes, Doreen has inspired and empowered leaders, teams, and organizations to courageously find, discover, and step into their purpose.

Leading from a place of fierce compassion, Doreen works with organizations, big and small, to develop personalized partnerships, events, and experiences. Each person walks away with a clearer head, paired with a sizzlin’ fire in the belly. The spark is real.

"'ENERGETIC, enthusiastic, AND HIGHLY intuitive.

- Shelby wright, senior marketing leader

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Doreen Linneman is a veritable Swiss Army knife who has the experience and expertise to solve the mystery that you’ve been puzzling over for decades. She is here to be your guiding light to ignite the fire in your belly to finally realize what is missing in your life— and give you the tools to fix it.

If you are struggling with insecurity, scarcity, and glass-ceilings, then you need a dose of Doreen.
If you are struggling with feeling busy, busy, busy and feeling like you have no time to breathe, then a spoonful of Doreen will do the trick.

The time to stop struggling is now. Your life depends on it.

Are you ready to courageously step into your purpose with prowess?





Prepare to Roar® Expeditions are international trips crafted to get you to step into your purpose and reignite the spark in your heart. These trips take place across the globe to get you out of your comfort zone and straight into the zone of transformation. Awe-inspiring locations are paired with incredible action-based learning experiences and programming to maximize the potential of your growth.

Each program and curriculum is carefully designed and has helped hundreds of people just like you to discover their purpose and passion— on the personal or professional level. Whether you are feeling burned out, stuck in a rut, or looking to level up, Prepare to Roar® is what you need to catch fire.

These expeditions are the epitome of blood and wine. After getting your adrenaline pumping with adventure-based leadership building exercises and clarity activating activities, you’ll be able to rest and restore as you’re wined and dined. Truly the perfect pairing for growth to occur.

Not sure which program is right for you? Drop us a note and let’s chat and learn which program is right for you.


keynote motivator

Doreen delivers dozens of keynotes every year, each one specifically tailored to set your organization, team, or group of professionals ablaze with actionable inspiration. With keynote topics like Change Management, EQ-Emotional Intelligence, Grit, and more,

Doreen leaves bona fide scorch marks in her wake as she blazes trails for innumerable women and men in the fields of business, politics, health, and professional development. 

Doreen offers indispensable inspiration and wisdom as she shares her proven programs and steps to drive success, achievement, and fulfillment. She is the catalyst for change that you have been looking for.


Life Changing


Do you feel like your spark is starting to wane? dTreats are bespoke offerings designed to put a match to your drive and determination so all your doubts and dissatisfaction can go up in smoke.

dTreats are laser-focused, guided 3-day retreats where every aspect of trip planning is covered. dTreats provides clarity by taking all your big plans for life change and narrowing them down into a single focus by generating increased insight, explosive energy, and persevering transformation to enable all of us to perform at levels we only ever dreamed about.

Guaranteed to provide insight and clarity, these customizable retreats are made for individuals or small groups looking to get their spark back.
This is the tip of the spear.

With Doreen, you get results in real time. If you’re ready to maximize your potential and commit to change—inside and out— then Doreen will be with you every step of the way.

People on safari in off road vehicle, Stellenbosch, South Africa

It takes a fire-starter to ignite trailblazers

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